Please contact us for alternate time appointments. We're glad to meet in early mornings or evenings of any workday with a pre-arranged date. While Anthony's role is admin focussed, he'll continue to enjoy serving customers if contacted in advance.

In fact, we encourage you to contact us anytime you plan on visiting LADNER'S, all the better to prepare for you!

  • Monday


  • Tuesday

    10am – 6pm (Paul & Todd)

  • Wednesday

    10am – 6pm (Dave & Todd)

  • Thursday

    10am – 6pm (Dave, Paul & Todd)

  • Friday

    10am – 6pm (Dave, Paul & Todd)

  • Saturday

    10am – 5pm (Dave, Paul & Todd)

  • Sunday


Call Ladner's: 905 826 2344

There is Municipal Parking behind Ladner's